Branding, Logo Design, and Illustration

A collection of logos that I’ve designed over the last several years. Most of these started off in a sketchbook, on a napkin, or on a post-it note, and miraculously made its way to the digital platform. This is where they are brought to life with the vector touch. Each logo has been custom crafted to properly fit the aesthetic needs of the client.

Red Rock Logo Design
Boulevard Kings Logo
Case Management Logo
Career Solutions Logo

I am a professional designer and creative consultant. I currently reside in beautiful Southern California where I have worked for companies both large and small. The majority of my clients have provided me with great insight into how to create adaptive designs that resonate with appropriate target audiences.

When I am designing, my goal is to create product that is clean and functional yet with a unique look and feel. I am always striving to push boundaries, to incorporate the latest and greatest technologies and practices into all that I create.

Mark D Phillips Art Logo