Design for the Riverside Sheriff’s Office recruitment poster—a project that has been both fulfilling and rewarding. Below, you’ll find the culmination of my efforts, meticulously crafted using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

In the creative process, I utilized Adobe Illustrator as my playground, experimenting with various layouts until achieving the perfect composition. Adobe Photoshop played a crucial role in seamlessly integrating elements, allowing for precise adjustments of color balances to ensure a polished and cohesive result. Each layer of the header image (WANTED graphic) underwent refinement and was exported as PNG files with transparent backgrounds before being seamlessly integrated into an InDesign layout, eventually converted to a PDF for presentation.

Recognizing the significance of establishing an online presence, I took the initiative to develop a one-page website, temporarily hosted via my existing hosting service. Employing WordPress alongside the intuitive Divi visual builder, I mirrored the aesthetic of the poster while integrating vital features such as call-to-action buttons directly linking to the Riverside Sheriff’s Office recruitment page and a button to download the RSO poster directly. Moreover, to ensure accessibility and compliance with ADA guidelines, I seamlessly integrated an Accessibility Tool plugin.

Understanding the power of multimedia in today’s digital landscape, I went the extra mile by creating a short, impactful video to complement the recruitment efforts. Leveraging Adobe Premiere Pro, I curated visuals and text overlays, paired with emotive music clips to evoke the desired response. Following meticulous editing and refinement, the video was exported to m4v format (optimized for 4K viewing) and uploaded to YouTube, with the embed code seamlessly integrated into the footer area of the website.

In summary, this project showcased the seamless integration of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and WordPress, each employed strategically to maximize the effectiveness and visual appeal of the deliverables.

I invite you to explore the website showcasing the poster and video at the following link: https://markp228.sg-host.com

Below, you will find a multimedia presentation showcasing my proficiency in utilizing web, social, print, and video mediums, exemplified through the comprehensive branding of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office across various media channels.

RSO Wanted Poster
RSO Wanted Poster Filtered
RSO Photoshop Layers
RSO Color Correction
RSO Photoshop Layers
RSO Color Correction
RSO Print
RSO Print 2
RSO Social Media
RSO Social Media 2
RSO Designs Web Print Video

I am a professional designer and creative consultant. I currently reside in beautiful Southern California where I have worked for companies both large and small. The majority of my clients have provided me with great insight into how to create adaptive designs that resonate with appropriate target audiences.

When I am designing, my goal is to create product that is clean and functional yet with a unique look and feel. I am always striving to push boundaries, to incorporate the latest and greatest technologies and practices into all that I create.

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